How To Request money on PayPal + Create Invoice on PayPal (2020)

So far all Indian Freelancers and Online marketers are aware of the latest PayPal issue. Now here is a quick solution to the problem of $500 limit. This tip is for all those who are into freelancing.

Since we can’t accept payment of $500 at one go and solution is to explain your client about this issue, and ask them to send money by breaking amount into lower than $500.

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Now to make your and your client work easier, you can always use PayPal request money feature or better PayPal Inbuilt Invoicing system.

Many of you who are not aware, you can use PayPal to generate an invoice and, your client can pay with single click.

How to Use PayPal request money feature?

In order to request money using PayPal, login to your PayPal account and click on Tools> Invoicing

From here you have two options:

Request Payment or Create new invoice.

Clicking on request payment will take you to a screen like below:

Though, I recommend you to prefer creating & sending invoice as it looks more professional. Now’ let’s look at that:

How to generate Invoice using PayPal?

Now above tip is basically the most easiest way to request money. But if you want to be more professional, you should start using any invoicing system. PayPal has an inbuilt feature which can be use to generate invoice and request money at the same time.

Now click on create invoice & this would take to PayPal invoice creation page (Direct link)

PayPal invoicing system has lots of features which will help you to create a professional online invoice. Once you are done, send the invoice to your client and he/she can pay directly following the link in the Email.

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Do let us know if you have used PayPal invoicing system before and which one is the best PayPal alternative according to you?

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