How to Recycle Old Posts For Traffic & Exposure

I am pretty sure many of us, especially veteran bloggers would have at some time of our blogging life, written great posts.

Posts that your readers had enjoyed reading and had greatly appreciated the information within, and that new reader would benefit from it regardless of how many months later they see the post.

These timeless gems (Evergreen content) are worthy of being read by as many people as it can reach right?

Unfortunately, the way our blogs are structured, once these old posts leave your Website home page, they leave your visitors’ radar too.

That’s a pity isn’t it? But there’s something you can do about it. You can recycle these “old but gold” posts.

And you know what?

You can also apply these recycling techniques to other posts that may not be that popular but still a good read.

Why recycle old posts?

Still in doubt over why you should take the trouble to recycle old posts?

Let me see if I can convince you to do so.

Other than because some of them are your masterpieces, there are other reasons why you are recommended to edit old posts.

One is to overcome writer’s block.

On the days when you are having trouble coming up with a new article, than recycling earlier posts is a life saver.

Who knows, the readers’ interaction you receive now may even inspire new ideas or new topics to write on.

Another reason is by recycling older posts; you would be able to expose your articles to more readers now (assuming your blog is comparatively more popular now) than to the handful of visitors you had when you posted it previously.

You never know what it can do to that old post e.g. increase in domain authority or traffic hike.

Let’s see from a user point of view, you have written a blog post two years back, and it’s one of the top traffic posts on your blog, though in last two years many new features, updates must have happened related to that topic.

Once you update old blog post, with the latest information, it increases the value of the post and you will notice better user behavior on those pages in analytics.

Also, Google algorithm consider user engagement (Bounce Rate, Avg. time on page) and other factors to determine to rank. And if you are getting traffic on a page which is outdated, you might see a slip in ranking by next Google algorithm change.

The whole idea is to keep the old information updated and make it usable for readers. Also, in this process we will be promoting old blog posts to drive more traffic to it.

How can you recycle old posts for maximum benefit:

These techniques are tested by me, nd they work a lot.

Though some of the tips like reposting stays on the edge of ethics but I have my justification for republishing old blog posts, which I have explained below.


There are two reposting technique which you can consider using:

  • Republish blog post
  • Reshare on social media sites

Now, when I talk about republishing blog posts, I don’t suggest you to simply change the date and bring it on homepage. Instead, add new information to that post and update it with latest data and stats.

If it’s a tip post, add more tips which you have learned over the time and then change the date to push it to homepage.

Make sure, you don’t change the date to some future date, as WordPress will republish the post with new permalink and old link will start giving 404 error.

Now, social media promotion is something which I suggest you to keep doing for your old posts.

It’s a good idea to promote old but evergreen content on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Pocket.

For WordPress you can use plugin like Tweet old post .  But, keep in mind that you need to update your post before you promote them, as no one like to reshare outdated content.

Do keep in mind, when you are editing your old post, make sure you take care of Keyword research and On-page SEO optimization to improve traffic to that post.

Link to A New Post:

Whenever it’s possible, do try to link your older posts to your new ones. Of course, you also need to make sure that it’s a related topic.

Take for example, if you wish to recycle an old post on “How to use Facebook to Get Traffic to Your Blog”, then perhaps you could write a new post on “How to increase Facebook fans” and place a link to the initial post.

Apart from improving internal linking structure, this will help in lower down the bounce rate and exit rate from the site will be low.

Moreover, this will also help in turning those one time visitor into a regular reader.

If you have too many posts (Thousand+ posts), I would suggest use Interlinks manager, which helps in auto internal linking of your WordPress site.

Read: Best WordPress interlinking Plugins

Use Related post below post:

One of the easiest way to promote old blog post is by adding a related post widget after post. You can use any of these related post WordPress plugins to achieve something similar as shown in screen above.

Similarly, if you have multi-author blog you can also consider adding more posts via author widget after post, which is again helpful to get more views on old posts.

Write a Response Post

There are times when an old post no longer carries the correct facts or information. This may be due to changes in general or the availability of the latest findings that contradict your old post.

Does this mean that you have to delete the old post?

Nope. Instead, you could resuscitate it and write a response post. Start your new post with a summary of the old post and of course link it and then proceed to explain the current situation.

Recycling old posts

This tip should be followed with great care. The idea here is to recycle your old killer posts to your homepage by changing the date.

This trick is not for everyone. For instance, if your permalinks have dates & times, you should never do it.

Moreover, this practice should be implemented only once in a while and not on a regular basis, as it might put your regular readers off.

In blogging, one should always try to make most of every single post they write. Any post which is not receiving traffic in time has become a useless post. Try to come up with timeless (“evergreen”) posts, and make sure your readers can always find their way to these posts.

Wouldn’t you say that this is a good idea to “green” the cyberspace up a little?

After all, it is consistently filled with junk posts too. So if you have a great post, albeit old, why not recycle it.

It’ll be a shame to let these posts be swept into the archive closet and forgotten when it can be revived, right?