How to Make a Filler Article a killer Article

There are two kinds of articles on every blog, one is filler and other is killer (Pillar). Every blogger prefers to write killer article on their blog to make sure that it hits social networking websites like Twitter, Digg, Delicious etc. But it is quite tough that all your articles are killer articles. If you have a blog which publish 3-4 articles a day, it’s hard to make every article a Pillar article.

Many times we start writing article thinking that it would be a unique killer article but unfortunately it ends up with a filler article than either we draft that article for later use or trash it. Even if you have drafted many articles which you don’t think are worth sharing with your readers then there are few tips which can help you to make your filler article a killer article.

Here are 5 tips to make your filler article a killer article:

Make it useful for readers

We try to select a topic for article which we find useful and thus want to share with our readers. If you found something useful then present your article in such a way that you readers also find it useful. It is important that you must describe the importance of the article and why you want to share the article with your readers. Give a brief introduction about the benefit of article in starting paragraph of article to attract readers attention.

Follow up

If you think that the article doesn’t have much information to share then make it a follow up article which can be interlinked to other useful articles. This will increase the importance of article and your readers will able to get more information about specific topics. You will also get relevant interlinks for your blog which will give you SEO benefit also.

Convey your message appropriately

Writing quality content is not enough until you don’t write it properly so that you can convey your message properly to your readers. You must write article for your readers and it should be easy to understand. Try to share all the knowledge you have about that topic from basics, this will help newbies to understand your article properly.

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This is most important part to make an article attractive to readers. Try to divide your article in parts so that your readers find it easy to scan the content of the article. Adding image is a great way to enhance your article. Use proper fonts, images and notes to make your article presentable and attractive to readers. This will increase their curiosity to read the article.

Involve reader’s interaction

When your readers read the article, they must feel the urge to comment and involve into discussions. This will help them to develop interest in your article. For getting comments on your article it is important that you give a personal touch to your article and ask questions to your readers. This is best way to interact your readers and they won’t lose interest in your article.

If you follow these simple tips, I am sure you can easily convert a filler article to a killer article. What are your tricks to make a filler article a killer article?