How To Increase Pageviews on Your Blog?

  • Are you not getting enough pageviews?
  • Do you want your visitors to stay more on your BLOG?
  • Do you want to increase page views of your BLOG?

I think YES.

So, Let’s start:

Every visitor that comes to your site is always in a hurry; most of them doesn’t even have time to visit more than one page on your site. Your bounce rate gets increased, every time a visitor leaves your site with only one page view.

Low page views don’t always means your content is poor, but it means your readers are not interested in other content on your blog or you are not giving a proper way to navigate your blog. Fewer page views per view also indicates poor user experience.

Also, fewer page views decrease down your ad revenue and don’t help in the long run.  Here I’ sharing some of the working tips that will help you to increase page views of your blog.  Just read this post and apply all the tips to your BLOG. I think that these tips will surely help to increase pageviews of your BLOG and will make your visitors stay longer on your BLOG.

So, without much more ado,

6 Tips to Increase Page Views of your BLOG.

1. Always link to an OLD “Relevant” Post

First answer this question,

Why Big BLOGS have less bounce rate and more page views?

Because they always link their new post to the old one that is relevant to the new one and their visitors almost always read that posts also and thus, increases pageviews of their BLOGS.

This also helps in creating more related content on your blog, and a reader can learn more about a topic. If you have low page views because of a few contents that is missing a follow-up article, a good idea would be writing more content related to the topic.

You can use Linkwhisper plugin to manually add links and also for automating the interlinking process. You can read more internal linking option for WordPress here.

2. Tweak your BLOG Design

This technique is evergreen as everybody loves BLOGS, which have a good design, and you can always try to experiment with your BLOG’s design.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a big difference. With a better BLOG design, your visitors will tend to stay more on your BLOG and will increase pageviews of your BLOG.

Here are few articles, which will help you to get a good design for your blog:

3. Speed UP your BLOG’s Loading?

Do you know, no one would even visit your BLOG if it is taking too much time to load, they will close the tab before even they make a pageview.

Do the things listed below to speed up your BLOG:

Use Google’s Page Speed Insights to analyze your BLOG’s loading time and to make it FAST and ultimately to increase pageviews of your BLOG. Here are few of the best resources from epostakur, which will further help you to speed up your Blog:

4. Use related posts Plugin – Show related posts after post

Showing related post after blog post helps a lot to increase page-views. It gives more option for your readers to read on your blog.  You can check out the earlier article on WordPress plugins to show related posts with thumbnail.

Using any of the above-mentioned plugin will show relevant articles after your blog post. You can see a live demo at the end of this blog post.

5. Show Popular Posts in your Sidebar

Basically, popular posts are the best content of your BLOG. Right?? So, to keep it fresh and evergreen you should show them to your BLOG’s visitors. More over, if you have a niche blog, your popular posts will be the best bet to keep your visitor stick to your blog for longer.

You can use the internal linking technique which I mentioned in the first point, to further keep readers on your blog for a longer period.

6. Use Resource pages:

In Internet marketing, landing pages are the most critical page for a business. Similarly, if your target is just to increase page views or capture Email subscriber by showing the best of contact, you can take advantage of resource pages.

You can create resource pages for the topic you cover on your blog and this will help you to further improve pageviews on your blog.

You can see an example on following resource pages from epostakur: WordPress Guide and AdSense guide.

These are just few of the techniques which you can implement from today and improve page views on your blog. There are many other quick tips which will help you further: Make Outbound link open in a new tab is also a good practice to make your visitor stay longer on your page.

And the chances of a visitors ending up reading your BLOG’s popular posts are very much high than the posts you will add below the content with the plugin I recommended above.

That’s enough from me, Now it’s your turn to share some important tips that you are using now to increase pageviews of your BLOG.