How to Increase Motivation for Blogging

Blogging sounds like one of the easy things to do but honestly, it’s not.

If you don’t believe me, ask those who have a blog and they have not updated anything in a while.

When we start blogging, we have a huge motivation for Blogging and with time, we lose energy and enthusiasm. This is not same as writer’s block and we need to work on things, which can keep us motivated to blog consistently.

Many bloggers start blogging with lots of enthusiasm. They even plan lots of things and follow the rules but there are chances that they might fail to achieve goals or face failures like not getting approval from advertisers, getting negative feedback, lack of traffic. All these might reduce the passion for blogging and further demotivates you.

Blogging is one of those careers, where you are responsible for self-motivation. It is different from other jobs, as an office job you are constantly motivated by various programs. Staying motivated is not easy, in fact, many bloggers think that they can’t make money or achieve success as other professional bloggers.

Even if you are facing the same kind of problem and find it difficult to motivate yourself then follow few tips which will help you to keep yourself motivated while blogging.

5 tips to increase your motivation for Blogging

Track the progress

When you put lots of efforts and smart work than for sure you might be getting good results. There might be chances that your results are fewer and not up to your expectation but then also, you are achieving something. Going slow is not bad, with time and hard work you will start achieving your goals fast. Keep a track of what progress you have done, this will help you to analysis your work and where you are getting better results.

Reward yourself

Keeping track of your progress is not enough. You need to reward yourself for each milestone you cross, no matter how small it is. You have achieved something thus reward yourself and share with others. Even if you have completed your 100th post, share this news on Facebook, Twitter. You will feel positive when your friends will appreciate your work. You will work with more positive energy and ready to give your best.

Contact with professional bloggers

Whenever you feel demotivated, contact with successful bloggers and share your problem with them. They will surely help you to find the right path to move ahead. Getting experience tips from professional bloggers are always useful because even they have faced hurdles while blogging and know how to keep themselves motivated for achieving success.

Avoid people with negative thoughts

You will find lots of bloggers in the blogosphere, who don’t have healthy competition and thus keeps on passing negative comments to demotivate you. You need to accept that few people will appreciate your work and few won’t like your work. Nothing matters until you are satisfied with your work. Thus, avoid being in contact with the people who pass negative vibes to you while blogging.

Why you want to blog

This is most important factor which will help you keep yourself motivated forever. No matter why you started with blogging, it might be because you love to share your views, as a hobby, learn new things or just to make money online. Keep reminding yourself of the reason and the dreams which you saw while you started with your blog. This will help you to focus on your work and keep you motivated.

Do let us know what trick do you use to increase your motivation for Blogging? Do share with us.