How To Get A Personalized URL For Your Facebook Page (or Profile)

Default Facebook Links Are Hard To Remember
But There Is An Easier Way…

Have you ever tried to direct your friends to your new fan page and gotten tongue-tied on the URL?

Frankly, Facebook default URLs are a mouthful!

You know… like this…

See?  dub dub dub dot Facebook dot com slash pages slash Harsh slash alphabet soup!

Totally not sexy!

It used to be that the only solution was to use a third-party Facebook application such as “Web Addresses“, a shortening application like, or a redirected subdomain such as to make them easier to remember!

Fortunately Facebook’s implementation of “UserNames” which work for profiles (with no friend restriction) and pages (with a minimum of 25 fans) comes to the rescue! (Groups, which lack access to any advanced application tools even with the recent changes to groups, can not do this.)

Once you have the required 25 fans for your Page;

Go to Facebook Username Page. (

Click on Set a UserName for your pages.

Select the Page you want to customize and type the custom short name in the box.

Read and confirm the disclaimer that pops up and you’re done!

Make Note Of These Things

  • Similar to Page titles, the UserName can only ever be set once (not changeable)
  • Periods have no real meaning once set ( /harsh.agrawal and /harshagrawal and / all redirect the same)
  • Periods make nice spacers for readability (/Ask.Kim is more readable than /AskKim and they result in the same thing)
  • Page can not have UserName already in use by your page or another user.
  • Profiles can also have a UserName, with no waiting to have enough friends, but like Pages can only be set once ever.
  • Might write down the old URL since the numeric string is the page ID number and needed for certain things. It also is a link that will continue to work even on days that Facebook’s redirects are not functioning right.

So Now…

  • maybe be:
  • or maybe… :
  • or how about… :
  • or maybe even… : !

LOL! Just having some fun but you get my point! MUCH easier to remember aren’t they?

Now we just need to see which one Harsh picks!

Do you have a UserName for your Page or Profile?

Look forward to your comments and shares! See you in the comments below!