How to Form a Community out of your Blog?

Blogging is more of an interest and later on it become a good way to make money. Initially, when an individual start to blog , he/she is usually worried about driving traffic. We all know more traffic means more money, but many of us are not aware of the fact, more loyal readers mean more trust & that will help you make more money in the longer run.  Those loyal readers will help you get more readers & act as a brand advocate.

To get loyal readers, it’s important to have a community around your blog. Now, the most common question is how to form a community?

Community means a place where every one participates in order to grow. It’s never an individual work but a group work. When it comes to blogging, there are many ways by which you can create a community. To form a community, you need to have a niche. Reason being, with single interest people, will interact more. Idea is to bring the power of forum community into blogging. In the forum, it’s always user comment and replies that add value and similarly, in blogging we can create such a community that we will end up discussing on each and every topic. This can’t happen without community building and community participation.

Why  is it Important to form a community around your blog?

Think of basic definition of community. A group of common people living together or share the same attributes.

Think from a regular reader perspective, if he likes your blog. He must be interested to be a part of it by various ways. The best way is to give them the option to be a part of your blog by joining various social channels of your brand.

What are the communities you can form within your blog?

The options are endless and if you will search for various social media gadgets for your blog, you might end up covering every single part of your blog with those gadgets. The best way is by targeting your visitors need and give them the best options.

I will highlight few options which are widely used and which will help you to create a community of your blog.

Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook is one of the key websites for blogger after Digg. If you will see my monthly traffic report, you can see the traffic which I get from Facebook. There are various ways you can form a community in Facebook. Though I will mention only two-three best options. Facebook pages are such great way to show yourself a s community along with branding. You can simply ask your fans to join Facebook fan page of your blog . This will also help you in branding later on.

Ex: epostakur Facebook fan page


Twitter page for your blog

Twitter is one such tool which can be killer. Most of the blogger use their Twitter profile to update their reader about updates. Though it’s a good practice, but what about those readers who are more interested in your blog updates rather than other updates. It’s better to make a twitter profile for your blog and make RSS to update your Twitter profile. It’s always better to make two twitter profile, one for formal blog updates and announcements and one personal twitter profile. You can see an example of this :

  • Shoutmeloud official Twitter page : @shoutmeloud.
  • My Personal Twitter page : @denharsh.

There are many other options and gadgets which, you can use on your blog. You might not see a great number of followers following it, but in long run, you will be forming a great community.

Google + page for Business

In 2011, Google launched Google+ for pages which seems like a replica of Facebook page. Since we all know impact of Google+ in SEO, we can’t ignore the community building on Google plus network. Google plus page also offers a widget which you can embed on your blog and readers can circle themselves.

Word of caution

Try to limit the number of social media gadgets you use on your blog, because it will lead to increase in your website load time.

Do let us know which all tools you use to form a community out of your blog? And do you join your favorite blog communities?

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