How To Find Facebook Application ID & Admin ID of the Fan Page

If you are configuring Facebook open graph using any plugin or via manual code, you will be needing at least these two details:

  •  User ID of the Facebook Fan Page Admin
  • Enter the Facebook Application ID of the Fan Page

Today I was setting up WP Social SEO booster plugin which adds Social graph for all popular social media sites (Tutorial will follow soon), and to configure Facebook open graph I needed the User ID of my Fan page and Application ID of the fan page. I’m sure one day you will also need these details to configure open graph for your blog and this tutorial will be handy for you to find the details quickly. So let’s get on with this tutorial and if you haven’t set up pretty username for your Facebook profile and for your page, I recommend you to do that right now by following the steps mentioned in this tutorial. This will make your work easier and will improve your branding.

How to find the user ID of the Facebook fan page admin:

You need to find the user ID of the admin of your Facebook fan page for your blog, and to do this login to your Facebook account and click on profile. If you have set up custom username (Mentioned above), you will be seeing your profile URL something like this:

Instead of Harsh.Agrawal. you will have your preset username, and all you need to do here is, replace www with graph. So new URL will be and you can see the user ID of your Facebook profile.

 Finding the Facebook Application ID of the Fan page

Like the way you have found the Admin ID for your profile, similarly you can go to your Facebook fan page and replace www with graph to find the application ID. for ex: will become and I could see my page ID there.

Make sure you have set up your username or else follow the below mentioned step.

By default your Facebook page will have URL like

These last numeric digits are your Facebook Fan page Application ID and you need to enter this in your plugin settings or wherever you need it.

Since most of the Shouter here are using custom username on their Facebook profile, so all you need to remember is to replace www with graph to find the application ID. In case if you have any other question, feel free to ask me via comments. If you have any additional tip to share, let me know via comments.