How to Change Misspelled Facebook Page Name?

Facebook is one of the best social media tool for Bloggers and Webmasters and it helps you in brand awareness and drive traffic to your blog/service.

I created a Facebook fan page for my service which is still in alpha stage and while creating it, I did everything right apart from misspelled my brand name.

While setting up this Facebook fan page, instead of typing WpfreeSetup I typed WpFreeetup (Missing S) . I know it’s epic fail. Before I realize I have set up wrong name for my Facebook fan page, I already set up personalized URL for my Facebook page.

I looked into Facebook help and other resources online but seems like despite of giving lots of features, Facebook missed giving an option to page admin to fix the misspelled usernames.

You can see this Misspelled Facebook Fan page here. Though the URL has been fixed but the name is showing WpFreeetup with a missing “S”. I can’t even create a new page as I will not be able to get name again. What a tragedy for my new service branding.


I have created a new Facebook Fan page

while setting up custom name, I will append it with .com and this will be a little trick. Not the best solution, but still only possible solution.

Meanwhile I will be looking for a solution to fix this misspelled Facebook name issue and if I will find something, I will update you. If you have any useful input to share which can fix this issue, do let us know via comments.