How To Be The First to Post A Comment on a Blog-Post?

If you have a blog, you may have spent a lot of time in researching, how you can attract more and more visitors to your blog.

There are various methods to achieve this, but, leaving comments on other blog is the one of the best ways. But, leaving a comment is not the only thing which we have to take into account.

Quality of the page, where we are leaving comment is also very important. When we try to find a blog related to our niche, we may find various blogs having ‘no comments’ to ‘having thousands of comments’.

There may be some blogs which have moderation system in place and other may be there, which allow anyone to comment anything.

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In SEO, we agree on a basic rule that, the link which comes easily has least worth and the link which can be achieved with real hard efforts only, will have most worth.

So, if moderation is not there, there may be countless comments having links to any shit like destinations on web. On the other hand, a blog, which gives great SEO worth to the links placed on it (through comments off course), will have a number of links (good SEO professionals will do anything to get links there).

Now, getting a link on such blog-posts is important, but don’t you think, getting a link on such blog-post before anybody else will be amazing. It will give your link a SEO worth more than it gives to any other’s link on the same page.

So, how we can find blog-posts, which have just been published and indexed by the Google and only a couple of comments (may be, none) have been posted there yet?

Here is the trick. We can use Google Alerts for this purpose. Have a look at the trick we will be using Google Alerts for this…

  1. Go to the Google Alerts (
  2. Sign In with your Gmail ID.
  3. Enter ‘Keyword’ (niche related, which you want to search blogs for) in to ‘Search terms’ box.
  4. Enter ‘Blog’ in ‘Type’ box.Select ‘as-it-happens’ in ‘How often’ field.
  5. In Volume field, select ‘Only the best results’.
  6. Put your email id in ‘Deliver to:’ option.
  7. Click on the ‘Create Alert’ button.

Now, whenever Google will index any blog-post related to your keyword, it notify you by an email, in your inbox itself.

But, there is a problem. Till when, Google will mail you these alerts, you may get late to post your comment on first (First is always important! No?) place. So, what to do, to be there, before anybody else?

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You have an opportunity to be there, before anybody else. Just, go to the ‘Google Alert’ you have created, any time you want to check recently indexed pages. And find a link ‘Preview results’ just below the ‘Search terms’ box. Click on the link and you will find the latest results related to your ‘specified keyword’.

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What do yo think about this idea? Do you believe that being the first commentator will drive more traffic than just another commentator?

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