How to Auto Tweet your blog Post using Google Feedburner

Are you on Twitter? Do you use Google Feedburner as your email subscription tool? If your answers are yes to the questions then you need to know that you can now update your twitter status using feedburner.

Recently, Google added a feature to Google Feedburner which allows bloggers to update their twitter status automatically. You don’t need to type your status, Google feedburner will do all that for you.

Quickly, how do you set this up? Read and follow the screenshots below

1. Log on to your feedburner account and click on ‘Publicize’

When the page loads completely, click on ‘Socialize’ from the list on your left. After which you should click on ‘Add a Twitter account’. The page directs you to an authorization page where you will have to authorize feedburner to update your twitter account. Once this is done then you need to proceed to the next step

From above you can see that I have added my twitter account which is adesojiadegbulu.

2. Choose a format for the way you want your twitter update will look like

Choose whatever you want your post content, hashtag, additional text, item limit and item order to look like. You can get inspiration from my own choice of format from the screenshot below.

3. Other format and Sample Preview

You should also choose how you want your items to be ordered. You can also specify which keywords you want to add to your twitter content.

After you have chosen your desired format, you will get a sample of how your twitter updates will look like.

4. Activate the service

This is the most important part of all the tips above. If you do all the above without implementing the final phase, your work done is as good as zero. All you need do is to click the button below the form on your ‘publicize page’.

Now check your twitter account next time you update your blog and you will see what this will do to your blog.

Do let us know which application do you use to auto tweet your latest blog post?