How to Acquire Your Facebook API Key

Facebook connect has made it a lot easier and fast for anyone to sign in or log in from other social networks and websites. It serves as a universal identity to anyone who uses Facebook that enables them to connect to other websites so that they wouldn’t need to sign up or register to leave comments or subscribe to newsletters.

For website developers and bloggers, a Facebook API key is likely to be more useful on creating their own application such as to build their own Facebook applications or use it on other application for their blog sites incorporating Facebook connect. For that, you’ll be going to need Facebook API key and for those who don’t have their Facebook API key yet, then today is your lucky day because you’ll be going to learn how to acquire it.

Below is a short guide on how to acquire your own Facebook API key:

1. Log in to Facebook.

2. Next, ADD Facebook Developer application.

3. Next is to click Allow button.

4. After installing the Facebook Developer application, click on Set Up New Application.

facebook developer application

5. Put a name for your new application. Click Agree then click on Create Application button.

6.  You’ll be taken to the next page where you can find your Facebook API key. Refer to the screen shot below:

Important: You should never share your application details.

That’s it! You now have your own Facebook API key:  Please checkout more Facebook tips and guides below:

Do let us know if you are using Facebook Connect in your WordPress blog or not?