How Social Media Impacts SEO

It is no secret that Social Media has become an important part of Search Engine Optimization. All search engines are taking social signals as one of the biggest factor in search engine ranking. As a marketer, you cannot ignore the social context in your overall SEO strategy.

SEO is not dead. and also, Social Media is not going to replace SEO. SEO will always be around but social media will have a huge impact on search engine rankings in the coming years. In this post, I will talk about few popular social media sites and how they impact SEO.

How different social networks influence SEO:

1. Twitter

A recent study by branded3 proved the strong correlation between the number of tweets about a URL, and its Google search ranking. Here are the results:

  1. 50 Tweets or Less: Small boost in rankings but for a short time only.
  2. 50-1000 Tweets: Don’t really affect the ranking.
  3. 1000-7500 Tweets: Ranking is significantly boosted and there is a huge jump for the page eespecially after 5,000 tweets.
  4. 7500 Tweets or more: URLs with over 7500 tweets almost always rank inside the top five SERPs on Google.

You can also see the impact of Tweets on average Google search rankings below:

How To Use Twitter To Increase Traffic To Your Website:

a) Make your content easily shareable by having social sharing buttons at the right place on your website.
b) Always encourage your readers and followers to share your content.
c) Use right Hashtags to make your tweets searchable on Twitter.

2. Facebook

Unlike Twitter, Facebook might have not much impact on Google search rankings. But whenever someone likes or comments on your articles, it can certainly help increase your viewership and traffic to your blog page. There is no clear data for Facebook sharing impact on search engine ranking.

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also indicated that Facebook is planning to launch a social search engine powered by Facebook user activity. <Source> He explained, “Search engines are really evolving towards giving you a set of answers… like, I have a specific question, answer this question for me. And when you think about it from that perspective, Facebook is pretty uniquely positioned to answer a lot of the questions that people have.”

That means, with more than 1 billion search queries on Facebook every day, the search is going to be evolved more around Social Media in the future.

How To Use Facebook To Increase Traffic To Your Website:

  • Increase likes on your Facebook pages using Facebook ads and by sharing useful content.
  • Increase engagement on your Facebook page.

Social signals are part of search engine ranking

In conclusion, Social Media is certainly playing a huge role in search engine ranking. The most important rule to get success in Search engine optimization or Social Media Marketing is to create not only good but quality and shareable content. If you can do that, you’re halfway there. Good content will get you more tweets and shares on Social media sites and you might even get natural backlinks links from bloggers and other sites. And that will benefit you in both Social media marketing and SEO.

With all the case studies and reports, there is no brainer that Social media is the way to go for making your site rank better in search engine. Also, there is no doubt social media marketing will help your business to reach out to new potential and targeted customers.

What are your thoughts on Social media impacts on SEO? Do you believe, Social media is one of the prominent signal for better ranking of a Page?