How Often You Should Update Your Blog?

This is the common question most new bloggers be asking you: when should I update my blog and How often I should update my Blog? And honestly, there is no thumb rule to this apart from following a proper post publishing schedule. There is no exact rule on this, as updating your blog depends on many factors such as:

  • You: Your time Availability.
  • Niche: Your Blog topic.
  • Audience: How often your readers expect to see new content on your Blog

Let’s dive into the details without further ado:

When should I publish a new blog post?

There are only three kinds of posting frequencies.

Posting daily

Most probloggers will advise you to post daily especially when you’re new to blogging. It’s because when you’re new to blogging, you’ll have quite less chances to get visibility to your blog either from the search engines or from other readers. So it’s no brainer to posting daily when you’re new to blogging to get more traffic or readers to your blog. Post daily but make sure you’re delivering quality contents, not crappy.

Posting regularly

Posting regularly means sticking to your blog’s posting schedule. If you’re posting twice/week then stick to that posting frequency and deliver two articles every week at any cost. Or if you’re posting only twice/ problem, continue the same.

But try to give the best content (more detailed content) to the audience, they’ll surely love reading your blog then. Posting regularly also gives other bloggers an indication that you’ll be posting ONLY quality and detailed articles.

Posting inconsistently

This thing sucks eespecially if you’re a new blogger. Don’t post inconsistently. When you’re not being loyal to your own posting frequency how can your audience trust you?

You may ask the question..what about the bloggers like Harsh Agarwal from epostakur?

Okay these bloggers don’t post daily, they always post inconsistently on their blogs. But you should keep in mind that they already got huge readership for their blogs. Nevertheless to say that they got BIG email list, so they don’ t need to put extra efforts to bring the traffic to their blogs. Moreover, these bloggers will be all over the blogosphere by doing guest blogging, content marketing, video marketing or podcasts. So this tactic won’t work the new bloggers. Try to create an impact on others first, then keep testing everything and find the best posting frequency.

Few factors to consider before choosing the perfect posting frequency for your blog.

Your time

This plays a vital role in selecting the best posting frequency for your blog. Are you a full-time blogger? Or a part timer? Or blogging is just a hobby for you? Know your time limits first. If you’ve enough time to spend on your blog, you can post even daily without many troubles. Or if you’re working somewhere (or if you’re a student) then you may don’t get quality time to write content for your blog. Then you can prefer posting regularly (either twice or thrice a week).

Your Blog Niche

Actually, your niche is also a major factor that will be helpful for you to finding the right posting frequency. If your blog deals with news, entertainment or technology, then you must be updating it daily. No matter you’ve enough time to update or not (you should at least hire writers to make it a success). Or if your blog topic is something which doesn’t need to posting daily viz. IM, blogging, Personality development blogs then you can post regularly.

Your audience

Consider your audience in mind when you’re deciding to choose the posting frequency. If you’re posting daily, make sure you’re audience feeling not overwhelming with your blog posting style. Otherwise they’ll consider leaving your blog PERMANENTLY. Which is not at all advisable. You must consider your audience expectations if you want to gain their trust.

After all, they’re the ones who will buy your products, promote your content. So you should focus on finding your targeted readers along with their interests.

This is a guest post by Sai Kumar. If you would like to write for epostakur, check our guest posting guidelines.