How Much Does iPad 2 Cost?


The company named IHS iSuppli, which has been researching technological products, analyzed all parts of iPad 2 and issued a cost table accordingly. According to the company’s research, the production cost of the iPad 2 with 32 GB memory and Wi-Fi, which was sold for $ 499 in the United States last week, is $ 333. According to the information given, there are no items such as advertising, marketing, tax and profit margin in $ 333.

According to IHS iSuppli, which has written the cost of each piece, the most expensive part of Apple’s new tablet is the touch screen manufactured by Korean technology firm LG, which costs $ 127. The most expensive piece after the screen is 32 GB of memory. The cost of the piece produced by Samsung is $ 65.7. The battery with an average life of 10 hours is worth $ 25.

The cheapest part of the iPad 2 was the camera with $ 4.3. The cameras placed on the front and back of the tablet were considered a useful innovation for users, but were criticized by some experts for being of low quality. The most striking item after the above figures is the labor cost. According to the information provided by IHS iSuppli, the labor cost of assembling the parts of iPad 2 is only $ 10.

iPad 2 is not yet available for sale in Turkey, but first we consider that much difference between the US price of the iPad 2 with the iPad, I could say would be among the iPad 2 Turkey as same as the original iPad sales price 1,000-1,500 per.