How is Mailing Design Made?


How is Mailing Design Made?

How is Mailing Design Made?

How to design mail in correct and proper format? what should be considered? Designs that you will make in accordance with Mailing rules will prevent the risk of your posts being spam / advertisements.

How to Create an Mail Template?

If you have html knowledge of your mailing design notepad or free notepad ++ As you can do, if you are not familiar with html encodings, site design editor program DreamweaverYou can do with.

Do not use Meta Tag, html and Body tags in your design.

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HTML codes used

Most used HTML codes

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Points to Consider in Mail Design

The size of the table you will use in your designs is important. You can create your design in the main table, not exceeding 720px. The pictures used must come from the web address. If you do not have the chance to upload the pictures to your website, you can use the sites that upload free images. You should avoid using spam words. Do not use large or excessive images and long text.

Simple and Effective Content

The subject of the mail content you send is very important. The most important factor that increases the e-mail reading can be with the right subject choice. Browsing mail content varies between 3-5 seconds. Therefore, the selection of the first words and titles is important.

Effective Mailing Times

The days when the e-mail reading rates were highest were determined between Tuesday and Friday. We recommend that you do not send e-mails at the weekend. Effective e-mail sending times are determined as 09: 00-16: 00.