How did Facebook and Twitter spend 2010? [Infographic]


To consider the past year in general, it is possible to say that Facebook and Twitter, one of the most popular social networks, had a very productive year in 2010. Despite the fact that the user bases of both platforms are quite different, similar demographic data has been reached in many aspects as seen in the infographic below.

One of the most important results identified differently is that Facebook users start using their accounts more regularly than ever.

It is also worth noting that those who think about preparing an advertisement campaign by using these two social media platforms, follow the brands they like more and more on Facebook. However, when it comes to purchasing action, it has been determined that the brand followers on Twitter tend to purchase the product of the brand they follow about 18% more than Facebook brand followers.

Those who connect to these social networks using mobile devices have a rate of 37% on Twitter and 30% on Facebook. When the age distribution of the users is reviewed, it is seen that especially the users in the 18-25 age group use Facebook more heavily. While the usage rate of Facebook is 29%, this number is 13% on Twitter. The educational status of Twitter users is observed with a clear difference of 48%, especially when those studying at the college are evaluated. According to Facebook, those who update their status every day on Twitter are in an overwhelming majority with 52% to 12%.