How Can We Download The Daily From The U.S.?


Coming, it will be delayed, Rupert Murdoch’s pupil The Daily finally came. Moreover, you have the right to use The Daily, which is $ 0.99 per week and $ 39.99 per year, for 2 weeks. But those who live outside the USA cannot unfortunately try it because they cannot download the application. TNW wherever you are in the world, it has found a way to download and try The Daily as long as it is free, and we wanted to share it with you before the trial period decreases.

He opens an iTunes account as if all the ingenuity lives in the USA. Once you have opened an account, you have the right to access all content privileges just like someone living in the USA. So you can browse The Daily without realizing where you are in the world. What you need to do is as follows:

  1. Run iTunes and sign in with your existing account.
  2. Open the iTunes Store and go to the bottom of the page. Click on the round flag at the bottom of the page and a menu will open, select “US” there.
  3. Do not go and open a new account now. This is useless. Instead, browse the app store and try downloading any free app.
  4. When you have options to log in or create a new account, check the option to open a new account.
  5. When filling out your application, mark “none” in the payment options. Apple will catch you up if you choose an international payment method with a US account.
  6. Complete your application.
  7. Everything is ok now! You can start trying The Daily.

Do a search and find and download The Daily. So by trying it for two weeks that it will be free, you can decide for yourself whether this is a media revolution or just a successful marketing product.

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