How A Free Contest On Your Blog Will Increase Readership

Contests and giveaways are great techniques used to drive more traffic to a blog.

For the past several months, I have been noticing that many blogs are running contests with tags like:

  • “Comment and win $100!”
  • “Free $60 cash giveaway!”
  • “Like, share, WIN!” 

And I am always running contests here on SML…

In the case of a new blog, contests can be very helpful in attracting new readers. All a blogger needs to do is choose the right product and market the contest well.

The idea is that these contests will help get free backlinks, free advertising, and ultimately bring in new subscribers. In my experience, the “contest strategy” always works and is very beneficial to blog owners.

Direct Benefits Of Running Contests On Your Blog:

1. Free Backlinks

When you run any contest, whether the prize is free advertising, free software, free ebooks, or free cash, you will attract many other bloggers who will refer your contest to their readers (giving you a backlink).

By providing you with a backlink, these other bloggers are not only directly helping your blog get more traffic, they’re also building up your authority. This will help you get even more traffic in the long run.

Likewise, if you see a contest, and you know the blog is trustworthy and legitimate, don’t hesitate to share that info with your readers. This will increase your value, credibility, and authority.


2. Free Social Traffic

Apart from the traffic coming from backlinks, contests help promote your blog to various people who will share your blog with their friends.

You can simply add a viral condition to each entry. For instance: “To participate in the contest, share this post on Facebook.”

This method, when employed correctly, can achieve huge spikes in traffic.

And because this traffic comes directly from social media, it’s more likely to be highly targeted. This has all kinds of benefits, not the least of which is social proof.


3. Free Advertising

In addition to the free backlinks and free traffic, a contest also gives you the benefits of free advertising.

Your blog will be exposed to a whole new set of blogs and you’ll be able to appeal directly to those other blogs’ readers. This kind of promotion and advertising is hard to achieve otherwise.

You will likely generate new blog subscribers (for free!) with your contest or giveaway, and a whole new set of readers will begin to follow your blog.

And finally, running a successful contest will expose your brand to new advertisers, who may just want to sponsor your next blog contest!


Have you ever run a contest or giveaway on your blog? We would love to hear your story. Tell us about it in the comments section below.

For running contest on your blog you can use this amazing free tool call Gleam.

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