How A Blogger Can Start With Social Media Presence

Social media and SEO go hand to hand.

If you are one of those who believes in creating relation than writing for the search engine, Social media is the right place to start with.

Now, the first question which comes in somebody mind, where to start with your Social media presence.

According to reports, Facebook and Twitter are one of the most profitable social media sites, and one of the best place to start.

Moreover, Search engine quickly indexes Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest profiles.

If you are a small business company, a Blogger or an online website, here I’m listing out a list of Social media sites, where your business brand presence is very important.

What is Social media Presence: Definition

Social media presence is creating your footprint on various Social media and web2.0 sites. For example, by creating a Facebook fan page or Twitter profile, you create your presence on these sites. Similarly, there are many websites like Pinterest, Instagram that you can use and utilize for your online presence.

Once you are into these social media sites, you will be able to connect with your customers and readers directly and you will be able to understand their interest and sentiments better. Social media marketing is the term coined for using Social media for your marketing benefits. Bloggers can read this handy guide on the benefits of social media marketing in Blogging.

Companies can hire any local social media presence or marketing agency, to create a complete plan for their social media strategy or if you are one of those DIY guys, read on and by the end, you have done all the basic steps of social media presence.  Here are a few things to keep in mind before we start.


All the sites, let you select a username or handle, make sure it’s unique, matches your brand name. For example, epostakur has a presence on all the sites with handle @epostakur.


Pictures speak a thousand words and this is true in Social Media Marketing and engagement. Your avatar image should be unique and same on all the sites. Prefer to use your mascot, logo and take care of color combination for better exposure. Make sure to keep a note of the maximum allowed size for the image, which will help you to make most out of it.

Profile bio:

Like sales headline, your profile should speak about what you do and why they should follow you It could be as simple as

“We are only SEO company, which works on client site as our site and you can see our work and portfolio at http://xxxx” Or something catchy like Guy Kawasaki’s twitter profile:

“Author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. Former chief evangelist of Apple. Co-founder of Alltop.”

Make sure you mention your site URL or a landing page URL to let those profile viewers know more about you and your business.

List of Social sites where your presence is Important:

So, let’s start with those major sites where your presence will make a huge difference. Not only you will be able to connect to people but it will help you to grow and give ROI.


Right now, Fb is the most popular Social networking site. On Facebook, you can create pages and group under your brand name and people can connect to it by liking your fan page. Whenever you will update a status on your fan page, it will be shown on your fan’s timeline. You can start with creating your Fan page and don’t forget to claim your custom username, which will help in branding.

Also, make sure you engage with people on your fan page with status updates, Images and other methods. Talk about trending topics in your niche, give free tips and advice’s or better run contest to engage with your fans.

The plan is to get more likes and comments on your updates, which actually shows users are engaging with your fan page. Here are some of the articles, which will help you to get started on Facebook:


Twitter is another powerful micro-blogging site. With 140 characters, you can reach out to a large audience. Getting on Twitter is easy and within minutes, you can create a profile and create your Social media presence on this site. There are few things which you can do to better engage with your followers on Twitter:

  • How to create an account on Twitter
  • Get a custom Twitter Cover image to match your site design or profile
  • Use Hashtag when writing Tweets
  • Acknowledge all tweets coming your way @reply


LinkedIn is one of those social networks which is confined to a small number compare to others but have a quality audience. LinkedIn is not only for businesses but it’s one of the best places to find a job or freelancing work. Sign up.


I’m sure most of you have heard of Quora, one of the best sites to get answers from experts for free. Quora can help you set as an expert on your niche and also follow your brand Keyword there to make sure, you get notified when people talk or ask questions related to you or your brand.

Join Quora.


If you would notice the author image below, that is showing with the help of Gravatar image. All the WordPress powered blog uses Gravatar by default. Gravatar let you associate an image with your Email address, so whenever you comment on a WordPress blog or anywhere which is Gravatar powered, your brand image will be shown.


DISQUS is a 3rd party commenting system but very popular among Bloggers. Many big sites like mashable were using DISQUS and like Gravatar, by creating a DISQUS profile, you will be associating your brand image with your username, and it will help you a lot when you comment on a DISQUS powered blog. Also, create an account on Livefyre, as this one is also getting popular.


Youtube is world’s most popular free video hosting site. Videos are the best way to brand yourself, and with YouTube videos, you can quickly find yourself on Google.  One of the best thing about YouTube is, you can use your Gmail login to access youtube.


Pinterest may not be for everyone, but they are one of the most popular social networking sites globally. You can use Pinterest for marketing or for your brand promotion. Sign up for Pinterest.

There are many more Websites, where you should create your profile. Ex: Snapchat, Tumblr, Instagram, Vimeo, and many more.

Web presence is an important part for any blogger, and if you have been missing out your social media presence, it’s a good time to start with. Usually, I create a separate social media footprint for my blogs and separate social media profile for personal branding. There are hundreds other such sites, where you can create your profile, and improve yours overall online presence.

Do let me know, what other sites you are using to increase your Social media presence?