Happy International Women’s Day!


The increasing use of social media day by day affects the results of gender-related research. Studies indicate that the most active users of social media are women. In fact, when we examine one day of women, we should not be fooled by this result. The intensity of a working woman is not limited to just going to work. In addition, it takes a lot of time to do the work at home. Even if we are talking about a married woman, this burden increases gradually. Of course, talks and extra works are also included!

As a natural consequence of this, women are aware that social media is the best platform they can use to closely follow the events they missed during the day or to express their joy, pain, thoughts and perhaps anger. Because thanks to social media, you can create awareness by sharing your thoughts freely against more people than you normally can. One of the best examples of this is undoubtedly the 8 March International Women’s Day.

Unfortunately, there has been an increase in violence against women recently. There are women who have been taboo for years, divorce, and honor because of the inability to state that women are ashamed or afraid that they have been subjected to violence. In line with the struggles of women’s organizations and the active and effective use of social media, violence against women has been made visible in the society and people have started to realize that something can change by breaking the insensitivity of ‘it has gone like this’.

Google has shown that it is next to women with the doodle it designed for this special day, whose real name is World Labor Women’s Day. When you click on Doodle, you are directed to the page called for shows to support women’s rights in famous bridges in various countries of the world, from Brooklyn Bridge in New York, Millennium Bridge in London and Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Google ‘We also invite you to donate to one of the organizations working worldwide to make a difference in women’s lives. Support by choosing one of the issues in various headings at the bottom of the page. He gives the message ‘See you on the bridge.

Happy International Women’s Day, with the hope of creating small or large awareness starting from today for equality, justice, freedom and most importantly for love and respect, for a society without discrimination.