Guest Posting for Backlinks: Is it Worth Asking?

It’s been a long time since Shoutmeloud is open for Guest bloggers and also allows adsense revenue sharing. I have made the process simple, where users can simply login and submit their post for review. Obviously there are certain standards that every guest blogger should follow, like Original articles, Proper credits, Images, Formatting and relevant article according to blog.

I often receive Emails from people asking me they would like to write articles for free and in return they need one or two backlinks for free. At certain moments such Emails make me lose my mind, because the day I turned Shoutmeloud into multi-author WordPress blog, the reason was to treat it like a community blog. Where any one can step in, and write articles related to WordPress, blogging, Make money online, SEO and so on.

Obviously there are benefits of Guest articles like you get backlinks, traffic and most important exposure.

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Why you should not ask other bloggers for Backlinks via Guest post?

Every one likes quality articles, but when you Email any blogger for writing guest post just because for backlinks, chances are high he or she will deny your request. At least that’s what I do. I like the guest post which is written to share knowledge and for exposure. It doesn’t meant I don’t like giving backlinks. Read further for more information on this:

So guest blogging for backlinks is a myth?

No it’s not true, most bloggers who allow guest blogging add one or two backlinks at the starting or end of the article. Adding a small author bio is a good way to expose guest author. At Shoutmeloud I add one link at the top of the post because it’s more visible and give more weight-age for search engine ranking. And Also one link from author bio.

What’s the right way?

Most of the blogs which allow guest posting, already have a dedicated page for do’s and don’ts for guest blogging, and most of them already mentioned about backlinks and other details which you need to write a killer guest post. I suggest go through it and start guest posting for blogs.

No doubt, guest posting is always very useful and I  write often for many popular blogs to gain more exposure and  traffic.

Do let us know why do you write guest post? For backlinks? Traffic? or Exposure?

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