Greet People You Don’t Know On Facebook!


Thanks to Domo, an application developed for iPhone and Android mobile devices, you can talk to people you do not know on your mobile phone! So how does this happen?

The Domo application allows you to communicate with people thanks to their interests shared on Facebook. You log in to Facebook with your mail and password, and choose the things you are interested in that you want to share. You can then send “domos”, which means hello to the other party, then send a longer message or share a photo with your nearest Domo user.

The main point of the Domo application, which wants to reach every user and encourage users to connect with Facebook and talk to strangers, is the main screen as it shows people who are close to you and the things that are popular right now, just like on Twitter. There is also a tab that shows the messages you sent and received. As the only negative side of the application, it seems that it categorizes the users using the application based on location.

Domo application, which is similar to Omegle chat program where people chat as login without entering user information and do not have to share their credentials, has increased its value by $ 16 million since 2008, when it was financed. We share the video about the Domo application with you.