Google’s New App for Publishers Google One Pass


Yesterday, we shared with you Apple’s changes for publishers in the App Store. While more than 24 hours have passed since the news, which has been on the agenda since yesterday and has been criticized by many publishers, Google has just introduced its new application ‘Google One Pass’.

Google One Pass is an app for publishers to sell their content digitally. The statement made by Google emphasizes the usefulness of the simple interface of the application. With the implementation being implemented with Google Checkout, publishers will not need to use third party pricing systems.

With the flexible structure of Google One Pass, publishers will be able to choose pricing and payment options that are appropriate for their content. Whether for one-time, daily posts, articles, or long-term posts, Google One Pass will be available.

The application is designed for transportation on all devices. Thus, mobile users will be able to access the content of the publishers using Google One Pass by paying.

Let’s see after Apple’s new App Store policy announced yesterday, how will Google’s new app One Pass be met? Could Google’s choice of today as the day he opened the app use be considered as an attack against Apple, or did he choose such a day to attract publishers who ‘fled’ from the Google App Store to his side?