Google Docs Renewed – Social Media


Google has added new features to its popular service “Documents” (Google Docs). It is now much easier to search, edit and share something in Google Docs. The improvements mostly focused on the list section showing the documents that users want to access or edit.

The search engine giant has launched new filters that allow users to move more comfortably between more documents. Visibility filters have been added that allow users to select private, public or draft documents. At the same time, ownership filters, which are classified as “owned by me” and “shared by me” that provide sorting of documents according to the ownership, have been added.

Another addition has come to Google Docs thanks to Gmail. This is the priority ranking. In this way, the most important documents will appear at the top, which is the same ‘Priority Inbox’ algorithm that allows Gmail to scan the user’s emails and bring the most important ones to the top.

Google has also added another window to preview documents. This window is located on the right of the page and contains titles such as “recently viewed, labels, last accessed”. If this is a multimedia item such as a photo or video, you have options such as full-screen viewing or playback.

The latest innovation is the “Home” page added. In this way, they will be able to keep the documents they use just like the Gmail Inbox in this list and archive that they no longer use it. At the same time, Google changed the name of “Folders” to “Collections.”

Google Docs is more like Gmail in every update. Developers are deploying Google Docs features that provide simple roaming based on the features of Gmail. In addition, it is estimated that those who find Google Docs irregular in the past with the new filter and sorting features will like the new version more.

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