Gmail Motion Joke Comes True


The Gmail Motion joke made by Google on April 1 had entertained us all. According to the joke, we were able to view our e-mails or send new e-mails with various absurd body movements. When we watched the video, most of us laughed at the strange movements of the person in the video and did not need to think about whether this innovation could be true. After all, Google said it was a joke, and if Google was joking, the rest was detailed.

The work of the ICT MxR group from the University of Southern California tells us that Gmail Motion technology can be more real than joke.

According to the story, the ICT MxR group started work on a similar project and went a long way before Google’s April 1 joke. Embarrassing Google, these friends show that it is possible to send email using body language with various commands taught to the computer using Microsoft’s Kinect technology. The name of the project is a lot of fun: FAAST (Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit).

Prior to that, ICT MxR had developed a platform to play with the motion sensors of World of Warcraft, again using Microsoft Kinect. In fact, the basis of their answer to Gmail Motion actually comes from here. The name of this project was announced as SLOOW (Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving).

After all, we condemn Google because it really deceives us all. Actually, we congratulate Google at the same time. Because we were aware of the existence of people who developed such a technology thanks to them.