gelirortak of Turkey’s first Launches Affiliate Marketing Seminar


Turkey’s leading digital affiliate network (affiliate network) the gelirortakThe first session of the Sales Partners Seminar organized by has been held in Istanbul Dedeman Hotel on February 26.

In the Revenue Partners Seminar, the speakers answered all questions related to the Performance Market, which exceeded 20 billion dollars in the world. Income Partners shared their services and advantages.

The seminar, which was held with approximately 100 participants, was the CEO of Income Partners. Yunus GüvenenCOO Emre BurdurluFounder of Affiliate Taxtixx, Germany’s leading affiliate organization Dominik Johnson and experienced in international digital performance marketing, Sidar Sahin (Peak Games – Managing Partner), Oguz Goker (CPX Managing Partner), Yılmaz Avcı (Manufacture, Founder) and Volkan Kirtok(Super Affiliate) as a speaker.

gelirortak of special seminars realized in Turkey and other countries can develop this sector as well as in our country will continue to be popular at a later time. Those who want to attend can register to the seminar section, which will be updated in the future, on the website of Income Partners.

You can access the presentations and videos of the seminar on February 26 from page and the event photos from this address.