Futura and Helvetica font family


The 2 most important font families for graphic designers, the Helvetica Neu LT family and the Futura LT family are two of the fonts that should be in the designer’s bag. You should definitely have it at hand when finding creative ideas.

How you use the font and what you do with it (typography) is very important at the beginning of works that require creativity.

Helvetica is an interstate font, and you get a lot of encounters in correspondence, deals, traffic, warning signs and advertisements.

Helvetica’s short story is: Swiss font designer Max miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann by the Swiss font company Haas’sche Schriftgiesserei (Haas Type Foundryfor) 1957 in Switzerland the Münchenstein Designed in. Helvetia was going to be named first, but since this is Switzerland, Helvetica was named.

The Futura font story is: Font made by Paul Renner in 1927. Right now NTV and old Show tv is the font that creates the logo of and uses it in almost all applications of these channels.


Download the Helvetica-Neu-LT family

Download the Futura-LT family

For creative designers, we can list the fonts that have great spiritual meaning and their meanings as follows. It doesn’t mean that it always looks and feels like this.

Times New Roman: Reassuring
Bodoni: Impressive
Georgia: Reputable
Garamond: Determined
Baskerville: Traditional
Helvetica: Universal (Apple always does this)
Verdana: Clean
Arial: Modern
Century Gothic: Lens
Calibri: Stable
Rockwell: Brave
Courier: Strong
Museo: Modern
Clarendon: Sturdy
Bevan: Magnificent
Lobster: Feminine
Zaphino: Elite
Pacifico: Friendly
Lucida: Amazing
Brush Script: Creative
Infinity: Don’t be special
Eurostyle: Fashionable
Majaram: Stylish
Matchbook: Sharp
Politica: Intelligent

Then you can ask yourself why the fonts have a strong effect on people, why a font with a fine character was not chosen. Impact, Response

Why and how Helvetica has invaded the whole world or, in more romantic words,? Perfume of cities? became? How did IKEA change its font? The biggest infial from Sweden? caused a social reaction to be referred to as? Could Obama carry a font to the White House? Why does the Art Deco of the 30s suit such as Amy Winehouse? What exactly makes a font, a country, a religion, a period, a profession or an emotion? Who is responsible for the quietness of Arial, the practical seriousness of Times New Roman, the uncomfortable lightness of Comic Sans – and the campaign to ban its use? What makes Trajan indispensable for all bad movie posters? What are the best and worst fonts of all time? And of course, the inevitable question; What does the font you choose say about you?

Nobody was asking the other person about whether this font should go here, I wanted to do it, what was actually meant to be given, to have a strong effect, to provide permanence or to give energy. When you ask them all, if you say all of them, you should think a little more, if you think none of them, you should think more, then go to design.