Free Metro UI Templates to Create Windows 8 Metro Style Websites

By now, I’m sure you must have seen the amazing Metro style look of Windows 8. If anything appeals me most about Windows 8, it’s their Metro UI. There are many Windows based websites, which are adopting Metro UI templates, which gives similar look and feel like Windows 8. There are many paid and free Metro UI templates out there in the market. If you are a Windows 8 fan, this article is for you.

Planning to start a new Website and looking for Windows 8 Metro style templates?

Here are some free templates and frameworks available on the web that allows you to build awesome Windows 8 metro interface like website in minutes.

Free Windows 8 Metro UI Website Templates:

Metro UI CSS

Metro UI CSS by Sergey Pimenov is a free responsive website framework to build metro user interface websites quickly, it uses LESS CSS and is cross-browser compatible. This framework is designed by adapting the guidelines of Microsoft which includes layouts, typography, components and over 300 icons similar to Windows 8.

In its components you will get live tiles, navigation, sidebar, page controls, form controls, accordion, button sets, rating, progress bar, carousel, list view, slider and notice and replies etc. Metro UI CSS is a complete solution to build Metro style websites. Download it here.


BootMetro by aozora is a template for Twitter Bootstrap, you can use this template along with bootstrap so you get the advanced features of Twitter Bootstrap and at the same time you can change the look of your website to Windows 8.

BootMetro comes up with some advanced components such as metro layouts, panorama, pivot, metro style progress bars, determinate as well as indeterminate, ring, metro styled date picker, flip view and toast notifications etc. it also uses NiceScroll that supports touch screen. Get it here.


Metro-Bootstrap by TalksLab is another cool similar free theme as BootMetro for Twitter Bootstrap which uses LESS styles. It has some components such as tiles, buttons, navigation, alerts, popovers, alerts, badges and thumbnails etc. that makes your website look like Windows 8.

Download your copy of Metro Bootstrap over here.

Metro UI Template by Thomas

Metro UI Template by Thomas is an awesome Metro UI framework to create Windows 8 like website in minutes. This template is featured with live tiles, slideshows, animations and most importantly it comes up with built-in compressing system to load the website quickly.

This template automatically detects if it is opened from mobile and adjusts itself to mobile friendly view. The author has also provided some themes so that you can customize the look and feel of your website. This one is not a free template, you have to donate some bucks and then you will be allowed to download Metro UI Template. Check out for more details and download it here.

Metro UI HTML Template

Metro UI HTML Template designed by TechGyo is a simple and clean Windows 8 metro style theme to create simple personal websites, business sites, presentation and portfolio etc. Metro UI HTML template is built using html, jquery and an animation library called GSAP.

This template has 6 colorful buttons and each button loads the respective pages without reloading the site. Metro UI HTML Template is cross-browser compatible and easy to customize the way you want, download your copy of Metro UI HTML template over here.

These are some of the Windows 8 metro UI templates, which you can download for free. Go ahead, and windowized your website look. If you know other free Metro UI templates, do let me know via comments.

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