Epic Tease Fortnite Halloween Event & Ghoul Trooper?

Fortnite v6.21 Vaults Dual Pistols, Adds Balloons

In what is a bizarre thing to type out of context, Epic have today released the v6.21 patch for Fortnite which removes three weapons, including Dual Pistols, and adds balloons. Video games are weird, man.

The three weapons are the Dual Pistols, Guided Missile, and Semi-Auto Sniper. Those last two are certified terrible — I rarely ever saw the Guided Missile being used or even as loot — but the loss of Dualies is a shame. They were a tad unreliable, but them going into the Vault does not mean that they will be gone forever. Epic may well fiddle with them to make them more viable for a re-introduction.

Epic have introduced balloons to make up for the loss of the weapons in one of the creepiest trailers I have ever seen.

Players receive a bundle of balloons that they can use to gain height, but other players can easily shoot them out. Much in the same way as the Jetpack, fall damage is very much a thing so beware of that. It will be very interesting to see how this shakes things up, especially in the pro scene. Can you imagine a big name getting a big win because of balloons?

Epic also confirmed that they will continue to run tests on re-deploying gliders, stating the following:

“We’ve finished our first week of Glider Re-deploy being available in all modes. During this time we’ve been collecting internal data and monitoring constructive feedback from all of you. We understand that not all players agree with this change, but we would like to continue with this functionality in the game based on the positive results we’ve been seeing.

As this feature remains available, we’ll begin making quality of life changes to its functionality. First of which will be prioritizing Glider audio over weapon audio within certain ranges, this will begin in v6.21. We also plan on adding additional changes in future updates.

Thanks for the discussion and feedback you’ve provided. Please continue letting us know how we can improve this feature, your thoughts on its effect in matches, and any other feedback you may have as we continue to work on Glider Re-deploy.”

For some utterly ridiculous reason, Epic have also added the ability to cause 25% of overall damage to structures to those behind them. They’ve had a lot of bad ideas lately, but this might be the worst of them.

Find all of the patch notes on the official blog.

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