“Fine” Setting on Facebook Insights! – Social media


Faecbook Insights for Facebook fan page analysis page has been changed. In the new app, your blog or website will have a Google analytics-style analysis tab. You will also be able to see the source of incoming traffic and follow the posts and likes made. I am sure you enjoyed these changes.

The biggest change that comes out here is that Facebook has ceased to provide information such as age and city information to the page owners, “without your fans interacting in a certain number”, citing the reasons for privacy. We can more or less predict the company’s plans by announcing that Facebook will share its members’ address and phone information with third party application owners last week, and then taking a step back. Here immediately catches the eye:

Facebook shared the article above under the “Learn More” link next to the section stating that it refused to share the information with you. He explained the criterion for communicating with fans as “commenting on the content you share, liking the content or writing on your wall”.

After explaining how he measured the quality of your posts, he explained how to increase your interaction with your fans. In his “hints” he gave you here, he gave examples such as “be sure that the photos, videos or articles you publish comply with the general content of your page.” Market your page with an ad so you can get more fans and interact more.

Here, Facebook management, which previously directed users to enter accurate and comprehensive information with its new profile design project, has now reinforced its strategy with an application that pushed the fan page owners to advertise. In other words, he stated that he would not share this valuable information with him if he collects real information that you cannot find on another platform and does not “politely” advertise to the page owners on Facebook. Direct did not stipulate this, but the criteria it created have been in a style that pushes you to it.

Let’s see how many people will choose the way to advertise, and how many people will get rid of this “thin cost” of Facebook with “unique” solutions.