Featured Topics in SosyalMedya.CO Last Week


Last week was a busy week for us. Blocking Blogspot and its subsequent developments, the introduction of iPad 2 and the announcement of the release date, Social Network’s return from the Oscar ceremonies with three awards and many more are important news.

For those who have missed, we have compiled the important topics of last week that stand out in SosyalMedya.CO.

Banning Blogspot

This Was Missing: Blogspot.com Once Again Blocked

A Brief Evaluation of Blogspot Closure

Who Should Be Charged In The Blogspot Ban?

Google’s Response to Digiturk’s Statement on the Blogspot Ban

Blogspot Ban Included in Foreign Press

iPad 2

Everything You Need to Know About iPad 2!

If Conan O’Brien Makes a Promotional Video for iPad 2


New Trend on Facebook: Matchmaker App

3 Oscars for Facebook’s Movie

Facebook Changes the Function of ‘Like’ Key

5 Beautiful Patterns of Facebook’s Like Button

Frequent Mistakes of Companies on Facebook Pages

One of Every 5 Divorces in the U.S. Because of Facebook

Facebook’s Value Has Reached 65 Billion Dollars

Angry Birds Goes Facebook Game

Other Titles

Google Added Recipes to Search Engine

Challenged Google Hackers

The Man Who Performed Illegal Sports Broadcasting in the USA Arrested

BlackBerry Messenger is Coming for Android and iOS

21 Malware Detected in Android Market