Featured News from Last Week


When we say hello to a new week, we wanted to take a look at our summary news, which consists of remarkable news of the past week and will allow you to closely follow what is happening in the digital world.

Rebecca Black’s Friday song, which broke a record by watching 64 million times (!) On YouTube, sitting on our agenda with a meaningless song, was the most hated song on Youtube, offering the tech-loving man to marry his girlfriend on iPad, Twitter of the cobra who escaped from the zoo. Of course, there were important developments except the fact that Sultangazi Municipality provided internet service while barbecue.

Without a doubt, the biggest news that marked the past week +1, Google’s own like keyHas announced.

As a result of the stable release of Firefox 4 on March 22 and the download of millions of users in a very short time, Mozilla continued to “Firefox Twitter Party”Introduced the campaign. Of course, Google didn’t go blank either, and the day Firefox 4 came out Ability to search by speaking in Google Chrome 11 Speechify announces!

Y ouTube is now animated video without camera He mentioned that it is possible to prepare and upload to the site.

Proving that effective results can be obtained with the correct use of social media Lady Gaga, “We pray for Japan” in a short time from the bracelets written in English and Japanese $ 1.5 million aid famous game company He donated to Zynga’s campaign for disaster victims in Japan.

One of the largest e-commerce sites in the world Amazon says, “Cloud Player”With the introduction of the promotion online music publishing (streaming music).

By the way The new version of Google Analytics recently been active for beta users only.

Last week COLOR The photo sharing mobile app has been on the agenda so much that even though it has been a short time, a lot of positive and negative things have been written and drawn.

Inviting Palestinians to a new intifada movement against Israel and reaching about 350,000 members,Third Intifada ”Facebook pageupon making violent calls it is closed.

In addition to the big brands, small or medium-sized companies are now They did some promotional campaigns via Twitter. We saw. For example, at some points, you can witness discount opportunities and various campaigns of brands through Foursquare.

This week, the video of the cute twin babies spreading over the platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, especially social media sites, has been shared very much. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can watch it here.


Apart from the news above, we touched on the different dimensions of social media with the infographic, research and special news we shared with you. The impact of social media on search engines we mentioned. Social media story creation and consumers reaching the story We talked about what kind of advantages it will bring. For the Fanta brand of Coca-Cola We have learned that he has signed another commercial that has been released in 190 countries. Groupon began in the United States and Turkey also continued with fury after the city Opportunity Grupanya, Grupfoni, 80 different from each other as one Groupon clone the Yakala.co is spread out We saw. The effect of the internet on our e-commerce habitsWe learned.

Social media platforms made From April 1st jokes We have compiled a news report. We did not even satisfied with this office in Turkey and Facebook what you’re hungry and we thought it would be nice for you a little joke We have prepared. You see, our joke will come true someday!

We left behind a week full of interesting and important news. What do you think were the important news of the past week?