Facebook’s Founders Are Among The World’s Richest


Of course, we do not have any eye on anyone’s money, but the changes and numbers in the list of the richest people in the world prepared by Forbes every year are not of interest to us. Especially when people from the world of technology and internet are on this list, we cannot stop wondering who is in which order.

There are 1,210 people in Forbes’ dollar billionaires list, 80 of which are from the world of technology and internet. Bill Gates from Microsoft and Larry Ellision from Oracle stand out as the top 10 people in the tech world.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, which was valued at $ 65 billion with the latest investments, was another name on the list. He provided $ 100 million in aid to Newark schools last year, but according to the numbers released by Forbes, this generous aid is only a fraction of Zuckerberg’s wealth. The 26-year-old internet phenomenon, which ranked 212 on the list last year with a fortune of $ 4 billion, rose to the 52nd place with $ 13.5 billion in this year’s ranking. Other founders of Facebook are Dustin Moskovitz ($ 2.7 billion) and Eduardo Saverin ($ 1.6 billion), as well as investors Sean Parker ($ 1.6 billion), Peter Thiel ($ 1.5 billion) and Yuri Milner ( $ 1 billion) and they were registered as other Facebook contacts on the richest list.

With more than 500 million members and new applications, Facebook continues to integrate into the internet world. Facebook is increasing its value day by day thanks to the users who connect to the site with new applications.