Facebook Stresses! – Social media


While social media tools are so much in our daily lives, it was strange that there was no scientific study about its effects. Psychologists warn people against “Facebook-based stress” on the results of Facebook-related research at Edinburgh Napier University in Alexandria.

The research states that those who have more “friends” than others on Facebook feel this stress.

12% of those who participated in the study reported that Facebook caused anxiety in themselves, and 32% of them stated that refusing friendship suggestions created guilt and unrest.

Evaluating the results, Dr. Kathy Charles stated that there are some paradoxes in the research. In their research, Charles explained that those who say that Facebook is causing stress in themselves have more friends than others and are more active on the site, and the cause of this stress is always up to date.

“This place (Facebook) is actually an important news center. The more you share, the more your interaction increases. We can define the sites on the site as famous people. Being creative and constantly trying to produce new things cause this stress. ” Dr. Charles said, adding that there are those who want to leave the site because they cannot follow the developments.

Another prominent point about the research is that the majority of respondents say they are on Facebook to be in contact with other people. The rate of those who are not satisfied with the requests for friendship is 10%, and the ratio of those who respond late to the requests for friendship is 63%.