Facebook Sponsored Stories and Question Marks


Facebook continues to add value to the advertising world by offering new directions. The social media giant, who always wants more brands to benefit from Facebook advertising experience, is preparing to use personal experiences for brands as advertising elements, thanks to more than half a billion people in its network.

Expressed in the form of Facebook sponsor stories, this feature is based on showing the experiences expressed by users about a brand with the advertisement of that brand and showing it in the sponsor area in the right section. As an example, when I write “Flying with Virgin Atlantic on Facebook” is great, I will have a chance to pass this sentence in the Virgin Atlantic ad space.

Nowadays, this step of Facebook seems quite logical when personal experiences and thoughts are more important than ever. However, there are some question marks about the realization of this feature.

As Serdar Kuzuloğlu said within the scope of SMW (Social Media Weeks) events, it is a matter of curiosity how Facebook will evaluate the possible negative comments about the brands, which does not even give people the option to dislike it due to the lack of a “dislike” option. For example, when I write “It is not believable that the laptop bag I bought from Hepsiburada came without an invoice”, the probability of my experience not being in the sponsor area is 101%. Therefore, although the statements in the Facebook sponsor stories will reflect personal experiences, seeking to be positive with these statements will be a serious obstacle in terms of credibility.

Another obstacle to making Facebook sponsor stories come true is whether people want to share their profile photos, information and statements. Because violating this situation may very well cause legal problems.

We will see how this feature, which is one of the important advertising steps of Facebook, will be put into practice and its functionality in the coming weeks.