Facebook (Social Media) Saves Lives


One of the debates we have frequently come across recently is whether or not social media socializes people.

Those who advocate that nothing can replace the truth state that social media is a temporary enthusiasm and that they are disconnecting people from real life. The Editor-in-Chief of an important newspaper who writes about this subject, describes the people who are active on social media sites such as Facebook and are very popular there as “Social Alone” and shares a story circulating on the internet to support his thinking. The story is as follows; A woman with 1800 odd friends on Facebook is having a heart attack at home and asks for help from her friends on Facebook. Unfortunately, as a result of no friend’s assistance, this lady has a dead three days later. Now we can get a lot out of here. This sad example shows us that communication and interaction is more important than number in social networks.

A news similar to the subject coming from the USA last week but unfortunately not similar to this story as a result shows that social media take a life-saving role when it comes to place.

A citizen who is doomed to spend his life in bed and can only use his hands is reporting the fire from the toaster to his friends in the game while he is playing the game on Facebook and asking for help. One of his friends asks if he is joking, and then calls the fire brigade and police to help his friend. Making a statement on the subject, Bob Chamber says that social media saved his life and thanked his friends.

What is the conclusion we draw here? Be you, don’t leave the toaster plugged in.