Facebook Removes Intifada Page – Social Media


The Facebook page “Third Intifada”, which invited Palestinians to a new intifada movement against Israel and reached approximately 350,000 members, was closed after it made violent calls. According to the calls made before the page was closed, all Muslims were invited to the third intifada after the Friday prayer on May 15th. Before the closure, the following sentence in the description section of the page was striking: “But when Muslims kill all the Jews, they will come out of the Day of Judgment with the forehead.”

Intifada, the name given to the Palestinian resistance movement against Israel, means simply shaking, standing up and resisting. The first of the intifadas appeared in 1987 due to the disproportionate force Israeli soldiers exerted on Palestinian civilians, and the Palestinian people showed strong civil resistance under the denominator of the intifada. The second of the intifada was launched in 2000 after Ariel Sharon’s visit to Masjid al-Aqsa, but this time there was an armed movement as well as civil resistance.

According to AFP agency, Israeli Minister of Public Diplomacy Yuli Edelstein, who met with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, requested that the page be closed due to the violent elements involved and after the negotiations, the page was closed. While the Israeli front welcomed this decision, there was a reaction from the Palestinian front that this decision was against human rights and freedom of expression.

Prior to this, social networks in many developing countries, especially in shows in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, managed to bring people together quickly and effectively. Since the Intifada is also based on the gathering of the masses, it seems very natural to follow a strategy on social networks. Closing a page of 350,000 people seems to be a return for the movement in the short term, but similar pages are already reopening. It should not be forgotten that restrictions and prohibitions can easily be used as a motivation tool for the masses ready to act.