Facebook developed a warning system to prevent suicide cases


Simon Back was a volunteer Facebook user with over a thousand friends on Facebook. He shared his profile on thinking of suicide because of the crisis he fell into. Simon, who did not receive support and help from anyone, was found dead at home the next day. This and a lot of other news reports that networks such as Facebook do not socialize people, on the contrary, make it asocial and isolate. We have written a lot of news about this and similar issues before. We emphasized that interaction rather than number is important in social networks, social media is only a platform and the most important subject in this platform is the quality of the users themselves and the relationship they establish.

After a few sad cases similar to this suicide news, Facebook collaborated with an organization called Samaritans to support those who are depressed to be active in this regard.

Applying a special psychological support service where depressed people can get support, ask for help with the posts they publish, and help our friends whom we believe to be suicidal, Facebook will notify Samaritans instantly and let the authorities meet with the person concerned.

Facebook officials inform both Samaritans and local administrative units about the issue as soon as they reach the form above. In the help page created on the subject, information about what to do in case of emergency and emergency numbers were also shared with the members. Help page from Turkey in the absence of any organization’s phone number, the application interprets as Turkey has not come yet, the Facebook team remain insensitive to the tragic events that occurred because of the need to celebrate, we think this service.