Facebook Bought Snaptu – Social Media


Every day we encounter another news about Facebook, and we notice in every news we encounter that Facebook is developing a different strategy every day to further develop its dominance in the market. Apart from pushing the existing 600 million users even further, Facebook is also trying to reach more users via smartphones. Ultimately, users’ use of Facebook with both their personal computers and mobile phones means keeping the relationship between the consumer and the product alive.

Facebook took another step in the action plan I mentioned above by purchasing Snaptu, which develops mobile applications for low cost and configurable phones. The following statement was made on Snaptu’s blog: “We tried to reach more people with the new Facebook application we developed earlier this year. The application we developed is used in more than 2,500 phones. According to the final decision we made and the agreement we made, we aim to implement our work more quickly as part of Facebook’s team. Joining Facebook means that our work is more effective and reaches more people. ”

Snaptu is a London-based company and also has offices in Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley. According to rumors, Facebook bought Snaptu for about $ 60-70 million. With this acquisition, Snaptu applications will reach more people and will provide necessary technical support to Facebook Snaptu during the development of the applications. On the other hand, Facebook plans to keep its users on more sites by reaching low-configuration phones.

In addition to acquiring new users, Facebook also plans to integrate existing users into the system. I guess that in the coming years will show how correct this strategy is.