Facebook Ads Against Banner Ads


You want to advertise your company. But are you skeptical about whether you should be highly targeted but choose relatively expensive Facebook ads or regular banner ads? You can help you browse the results of Webtrends’ research with 4.5 billion interactions, 2.2 million clicks, 11,200 ads and 1500 campaigns.

The criteria taken into consideration in the research are as follows:

• Click-Through Rate (CTR) -Click rate
• Cost per Click (CPC) -Cost per click
Cost per Thousand (CPM) -1000 cost per click
• Cost per Fan (CPF) – Cost per Fan

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Facebook Clickthrough rate dropped in 2010 compared to 2009, but its cost per click almost doubled.

When it comes to age, we see the right proportion of age up to 65 years old and click on ads. After the age of 65, the decline begins again. In terms of gender, we see that men and women have very similar clickthrough rates. But the proportion of women is higher than men. It seems that the ads targeting women between the ages of 40-65 have the highest clickthrough rate.

Research shows that most users are still on Facebook for entertainment. This is the fact that the click rates of social brands and sectors are obviously higher than itched ads. We think that’s why the lowest click rate is in the “Health” category.

Here, Facebook rewards social brands that have achieved higher clickthrough rates in different ways, such as lower cost per click, more appearing in News feeds.

The most important thing that makes Facebook ads the most is to win the likes of the friends you designate as the target audience. The research revealed that the effects of advertisements targeting the friends of the user who appeared as a fan on the company’s page took 3 times longer than normal. In this way, the recommendations of the friends of your target audience constantly bring new people to your page and offer you an advantage that you cannot provide in other advertising platforms. Although it is obvious that Facebook ads are more expensive than banner ads, it is obvious that the effect is longer.