Face Recognition Application From Google – Social Media


Google is working on a mobile application that allows people to recognize the person from their face photos.

An engineer working on the project said in a statement on the subject that users who do not want to be recognized by this application to be developed can choose the relevant security option from their Google account.

Google users say a lot of things in their accounts, apart from their name and surname, from their e-mail addresses to the school they have read in the past, from their current job status to the topics they are interested in. It is not clear yet which of these personal information will be shared in the application.

Harmut Neven, the director of the visual (image) recognition and development project, said that they are very meticulous about privacy as Google, and their application will be based on a model that is acceptable to the majority in terms of privacy. Neven, who did not give information about when the application will be implemented, said that there are no time restrictions on this issue.

Adding that they can integrate the application into another application, not as a separate application on their own, Neven said that such an application could be added to Google’s image search application. Stating that people have long received requests from users for searching from their face pictures, the director said that companies that have a lot to lose, like Google, are a little more sensitive, especially because of security issues. Google has past cases of Street View and Buzz, dating back to court.

The Goggles application, which can run anonymously with Google’s Picassa product, also does the full visual search job. Searching from captured images Goggles a very popular app. The application-related video talks about what Goggles is doing with current technology and what to do in the future. One of the issues Goggles engineers are working on is that he will give the player a hint on how to make a move by looking at a picture of a chess board.

The story of Neven, the director of the visual recognition and development program, looks like one of the stories that we have published before. Google bought Neven’s company, a company for visual recognition, in 2006 and made Neven the director of projects related to visual recognition.

Nevel said that it would be very easy for Google to develop a face recognition application with its technology, and said that security and privacy issues could not be removed without resolving such a product.

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