Eye Care tips for Bloggers and Internet Users

Health is something which we can’t ignore from the moment we start breathing and we have already shared some awesome health tips and mind and soul enhancement tips for betterment of  our life. Today, in particular I’m going to talk about Eyecare as Eyes are one of the most important part of our 5 senses.

As a Blogger or even a normal Internet users, our eyes are used the most. Working on laptop or computer for hours will start creating lots of eye related issues like Dry eyes, tearing, allergies and many more. Before I start giving you eye care tips, I would suggest you to look into this presentation which demonstrates some of the common eye related problems.

In today’s world of technology, blogging has become an addiction to many people. People are so involved in their blogging that even they are neglecting their own health. So I decided to write a post on eye care tips because this is one of the most common problems faced by Bloggers who spends hours of day sitting in front of computer. We have already informed you about Pro-blogging stress and solution.

Tips for EyeCare

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This is not only for Bloggers but also any one who spends lots of time in front of computer, television Here are some important tips and suggestions to take care of your eyes.

Useful Eye Care tips for Bloggers and Computer users:

1) Take a break – in between your work have small breaks eespecially if you are working for long hours which help you in reducing strain on your eyes and increases blood supply to your body.

2)Drink more water – this point looks so simple but very effective because if you take more water puffiness of your eyes can be reduced.

3) Apply palming method – this method but you have to rub your hands against each other until they get warm and then you have to cup your eyes for some time. The advantage of doing this that both your eyes as well as elbows get relaxed simultaneously.

4) Looking at distant objects in between your long working hours and again coming back to normal near vision will help your eyes to focus better.

5) Diet is very important – take green vegetables, tomatoes, citrus, spinach, dairy products and foods rich in A, E, C.

6) Do some eye exercises– for this I would like to tell you one of the best exercises that is –“first blink your eyes for some time and later close your eyes and just roll your eyes clockwise and anti-clockwise. In between this process you just several deep breaths and slowly breathe out and open your eyes.  Do this exercise for about 2 minutes before going to work.


  • Never rub your eyes
  • Visit doctor if you have any eye problems
  • Try to cut your alcohol or smoking intake
  • You can use anti glare glasses

Well, this is not all and there are plenty of others eye care tips which you can implement. Though, I have suggested something which every computer & internet users can implement for proper eyecare.

Use F.lux: Free app for Windows, Mac, Linux

F.lux is a free app available for all major platform which moderate system display according to the time of day. This is essential especially when you work until late. At the beginning you might find it challenging to get accustomed with change of brightness but within a week, your eyes & body will adapt to it. This is one app which I highly recommend to all internet users to stop putting strain into your eyes.

Download F.lux for your computer

Here is a nice video, which shows easy to do Eye exercise:

If you believe in Yoga, here is a nice Yoga for eyes exercises which you can do every day and anywhere:

I’m sure even you spend lots of time in front of computer or television. What steps do you take to take care of your eyes? Do share your Eye care tips with us.