epostakur Won The Indian Bloggers Award 2013

When I started blogging 4 years back, it was just a passion for me. It was an interest, that I put into action, and never thought that epostakur will be the stage, where it is today. epostakur is mentioned in the press many times, and got featured in National magazine couple of months back. And, today I’m sharing one of the proud moment for epostakur with you all (Shouters)., which is one of the biggest community of Indian bloggers, organized a blogger award for Indian blogs, where they picked top Indian blogs in various niches. The idea was to find one of the top blog in every niche, and a big panel of renowned names was in the jury list. Here are some of the juries who helped indiblogger team to pick the award for best Indian blogs:

Blogs were judged on the following parameters:

  • Content : 34%
  • Originality: 32%
  • Interaction: 18%
  • Usability : 18%

Yesterday evening (15th August 2013) results were announced, and I’m happy to share that epostakur was picked as top Indian blog under Tech-blogging niche.

Top Indian Blogs from different niche: IBA 2013 Award

Here are the list of other blogs, who won the award in different niche.

And there are many other blogs in difference niche, and regional languages.  You can check out the complete list over here. Such awards are one of the biggest motivation factor for all the bloggers, including me.  Thanks to you and all other shouters who made this possible, and we will keep shouting out loud in coming years.

You can join epostakur on @Facebook, @Google plus, @Twitter here. If you are an Indian blogger, and haven’t joined Indiblogger community, you can start by joining them today.

Keep shouting out loud!! 🙂