Email Marketing


Email Marketing

How Should Email Marketing Be Done?

Choose an accurate and experienced company for email marketing from internet advertising methods. Give importance to service and support rather than price. The service you will receive from people who do not know the right mail marketing strategies will return you as a waste of time and money.

Mistakes Made in Email Marketing

Do not prefer cheap e-mail sending that you do not know whether it has arrived or not. The important thing is the bulk mail shipments that reach their destinations rather than the number of shipments received. Be sure to test the infrastructure you will use. Choose transparent and clear mass mail panels where you can track statistics. Do not use mailing lists that are unclear what is on the market. These mail addresses contain spam trap mails as well as old and invalid email addresses. Also, get support from professionals in your mail designs, test them before sending.

Success with Correctly Coded Mailing Design

It is very important that the content to be announced and advertised is coded in a proper format. Unformed designs pose a risk of SPAM and may not be of interest to the buyer. All tablets, smartphones etc. It is important to design compatible devices.

  • Style usage and coding should be avoided.
  • It should not be just a picture. The images and texts used should be proportional.
  • Understandable and short mail subject should be used. Content should be consistent with the mail subject.
  • Spammy words should not be used.
  • Address and signature information must be available.
  • You should definitely have a unsubscribe link (Unsubscribe). What is Unsubscribe?
  • Valid email addresses must be used. If possible, opt-in email addresses should be used. What is opt-in?
  • Address and signature information must be available.

Use of Valid Mail Addresses

Pay attention to the use of valid mail data. Note that posting to invalid mail addresses may adversely affect your domain name and email address. With the use of verified email addresses, you will achieve much higher success and reduce the risk of spam. If you send to 10% or more invalid mail addresses in mail addresses connected to the same ISP service, your shipment may start to gain spam status for that service.

Using Unsubscribe Link (Unsubscribe)

In accordance with the 50th article and the 5th paragraph of the Communication Law in our country, the unsubscribe link / Unsubscribe should be included in all announcements and messages for advertising purposes. The buyer can cancel his subscription easily and free of charge by clicking the unsubscribe link at any time. Mail marketing services offer this service automatically and behave sensitively in this regard. By creating a unsubscribe link, you will not disturb your subscribers.

Using Pictures in Mail Designs

We recommend that you do not use pictures over 720px as a standard. Large images will slow the loading of the message, as well as cause the design to form. This can add spam to your message.


  • Image size should be maximum 720px.
  • Image extension must be JPG. Animation images should be GIFs.
  • Its quality should be 80.
  • For non-animated pictures, it can be passed in the paint program to reduce the picture size.

Signature Usage in Mailing

It is obligatory to have the identity information of the senders according to the Communication Law in our country, as well as the opportunity of the recipient to reach you with your signature information in your mass mailing.

Mail Subject Importance

The answer to the question of how many characters the email subject should be should not exceed 78 characters. The content should be compatible with the mail subject used. Capitalization and accent punctuation should not be used in the subject. If possible, it should be addressed with the recipient’s name and surname in the subject part. This will increase the reading rates of your e-mails.