Effort To Stop Evil Going From Yahoo: Livestand


Our access to the internet and the way we experience it changes every day. By 2013, more than a billion mobile devices are expected to have access to the Internet, which is now more than half of the total internet users. Over 3.5 million images are uploaded to Flickr every day. We receive about 2.5 billion emails. Most of us send hundreds of messages or tweets in a month. So, we can say briefly that our life has become digital. And now people want to enrich their tablet PC or mobile device experience for fun and sharing something on the Internet.

Yahoo can offer customized personalized content that it has developed for mobile devices in order to stop its going bad LivestandHas announced. The service allows publishers to send advertisers the desired landscape, object picture “live” on the device they want over the internet. The service, which is also called Yahoo’s digital content library because it contains digital content related to sports, news, finance, all kinds of nature views, tourism, magazines, mainly targets tablets as location, personal and time-specific news application. The idea behind this is that the PCs of the future are seen as tablets.

Yahoo announced that it will launch the LiveStand service in the first half of 2011 for Apple’s iPad, Google’s Android tablet. The application will be available for mobile devices later.