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Howdy Shouter,

Today I’m happy and proud to announce the launch of epostakur iOS app. Last year when I launched epostakur Android app, many of you suggested to launch an app for iPhone & iPad user, and today is the day when you can download & use this app right now. This app is live on Apple App store, and you can download it right now from here.

epostakur iOS app is push notifications enabled and created by keeping readability & sharing in mind.

Features of epostakur iOS App:

Our iOS is designed to ensure readers will be able to find the content quickly from the huge database of epostakur. Here is how the homepage looks like:

You can click on the menu item to quickly navigate to important pages of the blog, including the contact form.

Inspired from Flipboard bottom tabbed menu, we have made navigating to popular categories & tags quick & easy. You can click on categories tab at the bottom to quickly browse all categories & tags. Right now deals section is also featured in categories tags, and in coming days we will give it a prominent spot. Check the screenshot of categories tab:

Sharing feature:

While reading any article, you can click on Share icon to share the article using iOS native sharing option. This way, you can always bookmark your favorite article on other favorite iOS apps such as Flipboard, Evernote or any other.

Like & read later:

Read later is for offline reading, where you can select any article to be read later. You can access read later marked articles from the main menu. Like feature is experimental, and in future we will use to showcase most liked article by the community. This way, you will find the articles that are loved by the community.

Search feature:

You can search epostakur archive by clicking on the search box at the top right. This is most recommended feature I have received from Android app users.

What’s next for the app:

In the upcoming version, we will be integrating My account feature & comment feature. This way, you can log into your account once, and you can comment without filling the comment form. I’m looking into the solution to add more feature to My account feature, which will help you to get a more personalized recommendation. Another major feature will be deep indexing support, which is an important aspect of mobile app SEO.

Right now you can take 3 actions:

  • Download ShoutMeloud iOS app from App Store
  • Review the app on the app store (This would be of great help)
  • Send your feedback, feature suggestions to me at admin[at] & I will add most recommended feature in the future updates

By the end of the month, we will be updating the Android app with the new design. For now, enjoy reading epostakur on your Smartphone.

Interesting Fact: epostakur is one of the few blogs on the internet with both iOS & Android app. 🙂

I would love to hear your comment & feature suggestions. Do share about this app with your friends on Facebook & Twitter.

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