Does your lover read your Facebook messages?


Striking results have emerged in “Great research” by

In the research, which has been going on for two months and with more than 100,000 participation, a wide range of questions were asked about the online association from Facebook.

While the question of whether personal privacy exists, there is a 21.31% segment, while 53.18% stated that it exists but is not online. 25.51% of them consisted of those who believed that personal privacy did not exist.

When the participants were asked whether the person they were with had read the Facebook message, email or similar private message before, about 10% of people confessed their messages by breaking their password.

On the other hand, 23.51% of the participants stated that they did this in accordance with their partner’s knowledge, while a 21.54% stated that they could apply this way if they suspect. 32.73% stated that they trusted their partner and never attempted it.

Another question asked is; “Would you like to follow your partner’s movements with a GPS or similar device?”, Only 3.56% answered this question as “Yes”.