Does Facebook Go Out Of Style? – Social media


Previously, there was a reason why mothers who came to the computer only for cleaning and fathers who came to give advice suddenly became members of Facebook. It was always to play Farmville better to set up their hours and wake up for tomato bread in the middle of the night and start learning English to master the game without Turkish. Farmville broke the patterns, changed their behavior. Can another game do what Farmville does?

Facebook and twitter like social networking sites are not just for fun anymore requirement We are at a time we entered because it is. Facebook If we talk in private, to continue to communicate with friends, to be active within the framework of their network and to constantly remind themselves like Web 2.0 users of a “Must do” There is a list. Besides Farmville, Cityville and Texas Hold’em Poker As well as popular games like users express themselves, they have fun in this internalized mess and allow them to spend longer on the site. This type of games only by shaping existing users’ habits not many different types new users are also included in the system Provide. Surely it affects, but can an in-game game completely change the usage habits of the existing members?

Nurseli İdizWas presented on Show TV years ago. Hide and Seek There are those who are old enough to remember the program. One of our boys or girls asks three luck winners standing behind the screen and took it to the back of the front, which attracts the most attention. Obviously today izdivaç was quite innocent compared to their programs. The issue that concerns us 3GS Studios The original name of the game company called Hide and Seek The Dating Game The famous American program called “The Right to Name”. The same concept game they will release very soon in the first quarter of 2011. Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Twitter and Friendster on famous social networks like will be available to users. So people are popular Web 2.0 their platform through a The Dating Game game find lover for or just having fun will be able to use.

You know, FacebookWith its debut in the mid-2000s, it surpassed dating platforms that were very popular locally in many countries. from Turkey I Yonja.coWhile these local social networks that we can include are frequented by many users in order to socialize in time, they are now only shown as dating sites by many people with changing perspectives. Farmville and Cityville We see how people play habits and daily lives change with games like. Well with an innocent looking lover game and the effect it will create Facebook users of FacebookDoes your perspective change? In the future Facebook for “Everyone there is trying to find lovers” Is there a day we will say?

To digital marketing guiding “Fan page” concept and Facebook Connect and online integration to a different dimension Facebook shown as the rings of the revolution. The e-mail system that has just begun to be activated is Facebook it seems to shape the communication channels of users and because of all this, many people FacebookSame lifetime Google predicts that it can be endless like. Some are not loyal and can change platforms quickly Web 2.0 its members will be satisfied when the time comes, and Friendster or MySpace like FacebookHe also claims that he will lose popularity. Well users The Dating Game with the game FacebookCan they change their habits or acquire new habits? Could it be a simple lover-finding game, an unfortunate move that spoils perfectly lined dominoes?