Do You Know How You Look Online?


One of the most challenging topics on the internet is remembering the password and user names of the profiles I created for whatever purpose. We try many ways in ourselves not to forget our passwords and profile names. Some of us prefer to use different profiles while registering everywhere with the same user name. After a certain point, we have so many profiles that remembering and managing them becomes a separate task.

With social search and Web 3.0’s full introduction into our lives in the future, it will be more important that we master the profiles we have created on the net. When our friends and people with whom we are in social networks do a search on the Internet about any topic, your past letter or any report related to that topic, if any, will appear in the search results.

Would you like someone or a very close friend to work with in the future to encounter a profile or a funny picture that you don’t remember? I am not talking about changing the past, but at least you can change and update your profiles that you created in the past.

Here are some suggestions for managing and keeping your profiles online.

1- When starting work, decide what type of profile you want to create online.

2- Try to remember all the sites that will require you to create a profile from past to present and make a list.

3- Go over the profiles you have created and update your status. Believe me this will give you as much pleasure as looking at old pictures.

4- Take into consideration the suggestions about your profiles of the sites you are a member of, correct the format of your profile, especially typographical errors.

5- Update all your profiles frequently, starting with the ones you use frequently and using the least ones. Some profiles need to be updated every day, and some at least once a month. When people see that you are up to date, it will not lose you anything.

6- Pay attention to integrity. Make sure to use the same picture on LinkedIn-style business sites.

7- Read the privacy policies of the sites you are a member of and manage your profile accordingly. While drawing a very serious businessman image on one site, taking part in another site with a clown suit will harm your image in the first place.

8- If you run your business completely over the internet, then use the same picture and the same profile on all sites.

In the short term, I think that digital will be more important in our lives. As Facebook enters courtrooms in the U.S., while most companies begin to review profiles on social networks in recruitment, the profiles we create and manage will either open new doors to us or close those open.